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2020 VIC Branch End of Year Breakfast

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Join us for our popular end of year breakfast event with keynote speaker Assoc Prof Tasha Stanton who will present 'Perceptual trickery to shape our experiences'.

We often assume that what we experience is objective “reality”. In truth, each of us experiences our own unique “reality” that is based upon the integration of incoming sensory input with our past experiences and our expectations. And bodily feelings, like pain or stiffness, are no exception.

While tempting to assume these feelings merely reflect the biological state of our tissues, growing evidence from pain neuroscience suggests that they are instead, complex emergent phenomena that can be influenced by many things.

This talk will explore the unconscious cognitive and sensory contributors to our experiences, including those experiences related to our own bodies and to the environment surrounding us. Importantly, it will explore how altering these contributors can shape our experiences, and thus, identify important therapeutic possibilities.

This talk will discuss how we can induce perceptual trickery by targeting knowledge and beliefs about pain. Tasha will specifically discuss this in the context of osteoarthritis – a condition for which strong, deeply held beliefs exist, namely that pain is due to bone-on-bone and wear-and-tear processes.

Tasha will explore the influence of direct perceptual trickery by deliberately manipulating sensory cues to alter bodily feelings. She will also discuss the potential therapeutic relevance of using perceptual trickery to manipulate an individual’s perception of the environment.


Keynote speaker

Assoc Prof Tasha Stanton  

Associate Professor Tasha Stanton



Dr Anne Daly
Dr Jacqui Stanford
Jacquelyn Nash


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