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ASPE & ACP Masterclass Symposium (bundle)

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Presented jointly by The Australian College of Physiotherapists with Australian Specialist Physiotherapy Education.

The symposium is a unique opportunity for titled and experienced physiotherapists to hear Specialist Physiotherapists with university research and education appointments, discuss "clinical challenges" from their area of expertise. Cases highlighting complex differential diagnosis will be discussed with targeted innovative management.


This bundle includes the following modules:

      1. Recognising red flags in headache
      2. Multifactorial management approach to chronic pain
      3. Thoracic pain in an elderly woman
      4. The shoulder begins at the foot
      5. When ACL reconstructions go wrong - why world practice should be employed in Australia
      6. Biopsychosocial Management of a Patient with Neck and Arm Pain and Weakness with Co-existing Psychological, Endocrine and Autoimmune Disorders
      7. Management of chronic back and leg pain post car accident
      8. The influence of posterolateral corner injury on anterior knee pain: a case study
      9. Female ultra distance runner with proximal hamstring tendinopathy
      10. Patient centred management following supraspinatus repair
      11. Specialisation? A career pathway for you?


Presenters include:

      • Dr Mary Magarey
      • Dr Trudy Rebbeck
      • Dr Robert Boland
      • Jane Rooney
      • Peter Roberts
      • Peter Caine
      • Roy Daniell
      • Amy Chu
      • Peter Stegall
      • Miranda Menaspà


CPD Hours: 5



The ASPE and ACP Masterclass Symposium series took place in Sydney in 2017.