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Dissecting consulting styles and how they influence treatment outcomes

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Find out why some patients recover from the same injury and others don't and how you can help to affect the outcome with your own patients through your communication techniques. A review of the 3 styles of consulting; recognising your natural style and when/how to adjust to improve treatment outcomes. One of the reasons Annette is speaking to you regarding this topic is because many years ago a young patient of hers committed suicide. She was seeing him for back pain and providing best practice physiotherapy. He was gravely depressed. She only saw him twice. What she hadn’t learnt at that time was the significance of being the best communicator she could be, the best listener of what was not being said.



Annette Tonkin, APAM

Working and travelling the world with Olympic athletes taught Annette how to be effective in the shortest amount of time possible. Traditional training taught her how to be safe. Her mentor Geoff Maitland stimulated her interest in the influence of communication. He frequently corrected her on the phrasing of her questions as well as other forms of non-verbal communication. She now grasps a remarkable concept that eluded her throughout her early career. That is, we as physiotherapists are well trained in how the body responds to injury and disease and how the brain controls the body. However, as yet, we are not well trained in how the mind influences the brain.



CPD Hours: 2