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Employment Contracts

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Employment contracts are an essential part of any interaction between an employer and employee. In this webinar we will go through the necessary elements and content of a contract, the different types of employment contracts available and when it is possible to legally vary or terminate a contract. After viewing the webinar practitioners will have an understanding of the importance of having a contract that documents their employment relationship and the legal implications of the various clauses within.



Amy Parker- Workplace Relations Advisor, Wentworth Advantage

Graduating in Human Resource Management and Accounting Amy has worked in the audit industry for private businesses delivering financial compliance support and also as a long term customer service representative and staff trainer in the retail sector. Amy is now furthering her studies, completing a masters in Labour Law and Relations Part time. Amy currently works on the forefront of our HR+ help desk team here at Wentworth Advantage providing leading work place relations advice and solutions to thousands of small and medium size businesses across the country. Wentworth Advantage is the specialist provider of the HR in Practice Service.