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eTalk #7 - A Kinetic Link Training approach to core strengthening

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This eTalk explores the design and delivery of full body functional exercises which will enhance core control - especially in an athletic population.

Several functional strength training concepts, such as the kinetic link principle, integrated anatomy and myofascial slings, are discussed. Particularly in relation to the style of resistance training exercises which are most likely to improve an athlete’s outer unit abdo-lumbo-pelvic strength.

An example of a complete Kinetic Link Training core strength and stability workout is also presented.


Wayne Rodgers is an APA sports and exercise physiotherapist and KLT functional strength coach with 31 years experience in health and fitness. He has been a sports physiotherapist for several national and international sports teams (Australian Commonwealth Games team, Australian Netball team). He is the founder and senior sports physiotherapist at Sunshine Coast Sports Physiotherapy, Queensland, Australia. He also runs a successful and inspirational functional fitness coaching business, fully utilising functional training techniques.

Wayne is a highly experienced, dynamic and popular presenter of sports physiotherapy and fitness industry courses. He has delivered over 3500 hours of professional development education to physiotherapists, fitness professionals & corporate audiences over the past 21 years. He is also on the advisory panel for the development of the Masters in Sports Medicine course at Melbourne University.


CPD hours: 1