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Evaluation and Treatment of the Hand: One Week to One Year

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  • Overview

This module aims to augment knowledge of upper extremity rehabilitation by highlighting effective, underutilized patterns of practice for common injuries often seen by non-hand therapists: basic wrist injuries, nerve compression and tendinitis. The lecture reviews common acronyms, abbreviations, tools and assessments used in the treatment of the hand.



At the completion of this module, the learner will be able to:

  • Utilize a standardized hand therapy assessment tool.
  • Design clinic and home exercise programs per healing phase and muscle contraction type.
  • Integrate functional rating and pain severity scales in documentation and treatment planning.
  • Identify the critical structures in the hand and wrist to release, strengthen and protect.



Martha Paterson has been practicing as an occupational therapist since 1987. She has focused her attention on hand therapy and upper extremity problems of performing artists while doing research and continuing education in office ergonomics and meningeal care to include in her private practice. Ms. Paterson’s goal over thirty years of practice has been to assist the patient in finding their path to healing injuries and regaining functional independence.

Martha earned certification in hand therapy in 1994, as well as specializations in performing arts medicine in 1987 and ergonomics in 1990.She has been presenting continuing education seminars for more than 25 years on the subjects of performer wellness, injury prevention, hand therapy and office ergonomics.



CPD Hours: 3 hours

This course was developed by EDUCATA, a US based online learning provider for physiotherapists.