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Exercise prescription and adherence with the TeleHab App

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  • Overview

It is now well established that exercise is a mainstay of evidence-based musculoskeletal rehabilitation, with the vast majority of therapeutic exercise prescribed as home exercise programs.

Despite the fact that we know exercise largely 'works', the rates of exercise program completion are incredibly low. Trying to find ways to improve client adherence with exercise prescription, and subsequently improve their outcomes, has been receiving an increasing amount of both practitioner and researcher attention.

In this training, we look at exercise prescription using TeleHab and finding the balance between prescribing home exercise programs for physiological adaption and adherence.

The training includes two modules, covering the following:


Module 1. Exercise prescription with TeleHab

  • How to set up a free TeleHab account for your clinic.
  • How to build an online exercise program from the video library.
  • Prescribing an online exercise program with reminder notifications.
  • What your client will see when completing a program.
  • Reviewing client progress.


Module 2. Improving exercise adherence

  • Adherence in the context of home exercise programs.
  • The problems that stem from low adherence in home exercise programs.
  • Scheduling exercise frequency for physiological adaption and adherence.
  • The challenges in clinical practice for promoting adherence.
  • Promoting adherence with evidence-based strategies.
  • Upskilling to better promote and achieve improved patient adherence to exercise prescriptions.
  • How technology can assist in improving exercise adherence.
  • The missed opportunities if exercise professionals do not embrace health technology.



Mark Opar, Physiotherapist and Product Manager TeleHab

Dr Sjaan Gomersall, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, The University of Queensland and Clinical Consultant at VALD

Dr Simon Lack, Physiotherapist, Pure Sports Medicine and Senior Lecturer Queen Mary University London


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