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Functional assessment and exercise for the aging adult

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  • Overview

This course is comprised of the lectures below.

  • Introduction to functional assessment

    This course introduces the concept of a function-based examination versus the standard impairment-based examination within the context of the disablement model. We discuss the limitations of a traditional strength examination when addressing mobility disability and explore the role of physical activity. Standards for choosing the best functional assessment tools are examined with emphasis on clinimetric properties.

  • Introduction to exercise

    This course describes common musculoskeletal changes seen in aging individuals including the sequelae of sarcopenia and osteoporosis. The role of physical activity and exercise and their consequences in mobility disability among aging adults is discussed within the context of the slippery slope of aging with methods to prevent the typical sequalae proposed.

  • Mobility disability

    This lecture describes six credible and popular tools to measure and assess functional mobility including timed walk tests, stair climbing, and gait speed. Current evidence regarding each test's validity, procedures, and interpretation is examined and applied to patient examples. Actual patient videos are used to demonstrate the tests.

  • Strengthening Principles

    This course presents an evidence-based exercise prescription for the most effective intervention for mobility disability, strengthening. Within the context of the physical stress theory, overload, specificity, repetitions, frequency, type of contraction, adaptation, motor learning, progression and safety are thoroughly examined and applied to specific presentations of mobility disability.



CPD hours: 7


This course was developed by EDUCATA, a US based online learning provider for physiotherapists.