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Functional Strength & Conditioning (Kinetic Link Training)

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Functional Strength & Conditioning (Kinetic Link Training) is a comprehensive course of study in which you will be learning a systematic approach to biomechanically balanced, full-body resistance training. Kinetic Link Training (KLT) focusses on the efficient restoration and strengthening of integrated natural human movement patterns in multiple planes of motion. This course integrates clinical reasoning and over three decades of clinical experience with the latest in scientific evidence. On completing the course, participants will have gained the knowledge and confidence to deliver highly effective and efficient rehab and functional strength training programs for a wide spectrum of clients (from low level rehab or post surgical through to occupational conditioning and advanced sports performance).



Wayne Rodgers is an APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, KLT Functional Strength Coach and international course presenter, with over 30 years experience in the health and fitness industries. He has been a sports physiotherapist for several national and international sports teams including the Australian Netball team and the Australian Commonwealth Games team.

Wayne is currently based in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast (Australia), where he runs a successful sports physiotherapy and functional strength coaching business. He has a passion for creating functional strength training programs for all levels of athletes and has a special interest in the correction of shoulder dysfunctions. In recent years he has fine-tuned his ability to convert complex health and high performance concepts into simple systems and strategies. As such he has become an increasingly popular & regular presenter on corporate-health, sports physiotherapy and fitness industry seminars. For more than 20 years Wayne has presented over 3000 hours of professional development training to Australian and International audiences.



CPD hours: 19