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Manual handling myths and Low back pain facts

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“Keep your back straight”

“Brace your core”

“Be careful when you lift”

…Do these sound familiar? For years we’ve taken them as gospel, but are they actually true? Or are they unhelpful narratives that keep us in a loop of fear, vulnerability, protection and paradoxically… pain and disability?

With so much uncertainty around manual handling (including patient transfers and manual handling courses), final year PhD Candidates and clinician-researchers Kevin Wernli and Nic Saraceni aim to shed some light on what the research supports as things ‘closer to the truth’ and what can be left in the archives. Backed by the most up-to-date and robust research, the lecture aims to combine practical activities with interactive discussions to ensure you get the most out of your time. 


Kevin Wernli is a final year PhD candidate at Curtin University where he is investigating the relationship between movement, posture, psychological factors and low back pain. He maintains a clinical caseload working with Professor Peter O'Sullivan and Dr. JP Caneiro and others at Body Logic Physiotherapy and is passionate about making research digestible and engaging. He does this as co-host and producer of the Empowered Beyond Pain podcast, by developing infographics (e.g. for BJSM, JOSPT and translational organisations such as Physio Network, TREK and Trust me, I'm a Physiotherapist) and creating engaging video content.

Nic Saraceni is researching the relationship between lifting and lower back pain and is a Senior Physiotherapist at Midland Physiotherapy, having worked there for 6 years. He provides education and mentors new graduates at the clinic, while also tutoring in the under- graduate Physio program at Curtin.


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