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Member Value Webinar #4 - Practising What We Preach


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As practicing health professionals and business owners, we are constantly managing others for the best outcomes. The reality of running a business and managing a practice is that, in some cases, we fail to put ourselves first. In this comprehensive presentation, I will share with you the incident which triggered a major overhaul in the approach to my health and business and the lessons that set me on a path to finding my true purpose as a health professionals. We'll also cover the six ways to find the best version of ourselves within our business including:  

1. Proven tips to manage our time

2. How to find collective healthy pathways with our colleagues

3. Why we should invest in support

4. When to identify mentors for professional growth

5. Defining our own exercise and eating plan

6. Strategies for managing a stressful workload


Dr Simone Ryan is the founder and CEO of One Life Live It, a leading corporate health provider to Australian business, dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of every Australian worker. 


CPD Hours: 1