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Member Value Webinar #6 - Rehab for Low back pain. What the latest research tells us works and what we need to work on


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When disease is measured in terms of lives lived with disability1 low back pain (LBP) is the health condition that carries the greatest burden worldwide with the 1-year recurrence rates reported in the literature ranging from 25-80%.

As Physiotherapists working in private practice or hospital orthopaedics, treatment strategies for back pain are our daily challenge, however clear guidelines and practical treatment solutions are hard to find in the huge volume and varied findings of research.

The aim of this presentation is to discuss some of the latest research into back pain and its recurrence. What strategies does the current body of research tell us works with back pain, what don’t work and key issues to tackle in rehabilitation for long term results?

The objective of this webinar is to provide the clinician evidence based and practical strategies that can be incorporated into back pain rehabilitation to optimise outcomes and maximise function.


Trish Wisbey-Roth

 Specialist Sports Physiotherapist;

Olympic Physiotherapist;

Masters of Sport Physio (AIS/UC);

Active Rehabilitation Consultant; Author.


Trish Wisbey-Roth is a Sydney based Clinical physiotherapist with both a Post graduate sports physiotherapy masters (AIS/UC) and Specialisation qualifications. She completed her Sports physiotherapy specialisation in 2009 (speciality lumbo-pelvic and hip conditions) and has been involved with Australian sporting teams at the National, World Championship and Olympic level.

Trish lectures internationally in the areas of diagnosis and rehabilitation of lumbar-pelvic and hip regions with emphasis on differential diagnosis, manual treatment and exercise prescription. She continues to work clinically and is the Director of “Take Control” Active Rehabilitation in Sydney, a Specialised spinal and sport rehabilitation centre. Her ability to combine extensive clinical experience, and knowledge of strategies to overcome spinal pain, led her to create the BOUNCE Back system of active rehabilitation for group and one on one rehab (www.bounceback.physio).


CPD Hours: 1