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Progressive load approach using patellar tendinopathy as an example

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This lectures covers practical principles and practical tips for diagnosis, assessment and management for tendinopathy. A patellar tendinopathy case is used to demonstrate specific load tests, biomechanical and kinetic chain assessment and exercise progression and outcome assessment. There is discussion of the most common pitfalls and errors with tendinopathy rehabilitation, as well as difficult cases and tips to manage them.


Peter Malliaras, physio PhD and tendinopathy clinician-scientist. Peter has a respected international clinical and research profile, and is consulted by many people for a second opinion regarding their tendon injuries, including elite athletes and performers (eg football, rugby, ballet, and tennis). He works as an Associate Professor at Monash University, focusing on tendinopathy research, and sees more than 20 tendinopathy patients in clinic each week.


CPD Hours: 1 hour

This lecture took place on 13/07/2019

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