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Gerontology Physiotherapy Level 1 - Part A

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  • Overview

Gerontology Physiotherapy Level 1 aims to improve your knowledge and skills relevant to the physiotherapy assessment and treatment of common conditions of older people. It takes an in-depth look at the ageing process, chronic disease management, pharmacology and pain management, delirium, dementia and depression, falls and balance, strategies to optimise physical function and use of outcome measures.

Part A is the first component of the Gerontology Physiotherapy Level 1 course. Part A consists of eight self-paced modules. Each module contains an introduction to each topic, a list of recommended reading and an assessment. You must complete all 8 modules in order to progress to Part B.


Two ways to complete the course: blended or virtual

Learners have two ways of undertaking Gerontology Physiotherapy Level 1:

  • Blended: online self-paced (Part A) and attending a face-to-face classroom course (Parts B & C)


  • Wholly virtual: online self-paced (Part A & B) and live webinar (Part C)

Important note: if you have completed or wish to undertake the face-to-face classroom course, you are not required to complete Part B or Part C virtual.


Wholly virtual pre-requisites and progress: Part A must be successfully completed before you progress to Part B.  Part B must be successfully completed before you progress to Part C

Diagram: two ways to undertake APA Gerontology Physiotherapy Level 1



Learning outcomes

At the end of Gerontology Physiotherapy Level 1 you will be able to:

  • Develop an understanding of age-related changes that affect movement and differentiate these from chronic disease impairments
  • Understand when and how to use common assessment tools of impairments, activity limitations and participation restrictions that older adults have
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the role of a physiotherapist in the continuum of care from preventative health to frailty
  • Identify important evidence that supports physiotherapy practice in areas such as continence, falls, dementia, and depression and be able to utilise this in practice


CPD Hours

12 Hours


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