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2021 eTalk #4 - Overcoming the barriers to long-term weight-loss success

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Most patients presenting for physiotherapy treatment have a similar underlying cause, that being excess body weight. Therefore, it is important for physiotherapists to be able to identify the underlying cause, know how to bring this up in conversation (as weight is a sensitive topic), and know where to refer their patients for evidence-based treatment. This not only helps a patient with their long-term prognosis of the presenting problem, but also helps a physiotherapist better retain their patients long-term, due to treatment efficacy and patient retention.

The e-talk covers key drivers of the obesity epidemic, the reasons we fail on our dieting attempts, the effect of weight loss on an individual’s metabolism, appetite hormone signalling system, thyroid and adrenal gland function, and how to overcome the body’s usual response to weight loss.


Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the body’s ‘set point’
  • Regulation of our body weight
  • Physiological responses to weight loss
  • Strategies for long-term weight-loss success




Dr Nick Fuller


CPD Hours

1 hour


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