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Clinical Yarning: communication health care

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  • Overview

Clinical Yarning is a patient-centred framework to assist physiotherapists, and other health professionals, communicate with Aboriginal patients. Effective communication is the foundation upon which all high quality health care is built. However research demonstrates that ineffective communication is a problem in all areas of health care, and even worse in Aboriginal health care. The consequences of ineffective communication are Aboriginal patients who are not fully informed about their health issues, are wary and cautious in seeking treatment, often choosing to walk away from care. When this is matched to the high burden of disease in Aboriginal communities improving communication is essential to ensuring access to good health care!


Physiotherapists are highly involved in managing heath conditions that are prevalent in Aboriginal populations, including musculoskeletal pain, CVA, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. More effective communication can dramatically improve outcomes for Aboriginal patients, as well as Physiotherapists.


Through interactive learning activities, video case studies, and modelling, participants will learn about Clinical Yarning and gain some tools to communicate more effectively with Aboriginal patients. Although Clinical Yarning can improve communication in Aboriginal health care, the principles are transferable and can be applied to improve communication with all patients.



CPD Hours: 1 hour

This lecture took place on 04/06/2019