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Masterclasses in Musculoskeletal Clinical Reasoning - Jenny McConnell

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  • Overview

This video case is of a real patient being examined and treated by master clinician Jenny McConnell. Jenny demonstrate evidence-informed practice within a clinical reasoning framework. 

Clinical reasoning can be simply defined as the 'thinking and decision making associated with clinical practice that enables therapists to take the best-judged action for individual patients' (Jones and Rivett, 2004 p.3). No attempt is made to direct expert clinician, and what is recorded is their actual real-time clinical practice and reasoning as it occurred. 

Each case consists of the following parts:

1. A brief introduction to the expert clinician by Professor Darren Rivett
2. Patient history taken by the expert clinician
3. Physical examination of the patient by the expert clinician
4. Treatment applied by the expert clinician
5. A debriefing interview of the expert clinician by Professor Darren Rivett.


Intended Audience


Practising physiotherapy clinicians working in the musculoskeletal field.

In particular, those clinicians with at least several years of experience or undertaking further study will find this resource of great benefit in helping to promote the development of their clinical reasoning skills.

However, these cases are still accessible to pre-professional physiotherapy students, physiotherapists entering or re-entering musculoskeletal practice, and clinicians from related musculoskeletal professions.



1.5 hours



There are many different ways in which the cases can be used to refine your own skills in clinical reasoning. The cases can be viewed on your own as a self-directed learning exercise, or in a small group in which your thinking can be discussed, challenged and contrasted to that of your peers.

There are various other learning exercises for which the video cases can be used to promote the development of skills in clinical reasoning. For example, the physical examination can be viewed first and from that you can attempt to ‘reconstruct’ the patient history before viewing the actual video of the history. Exercises such as this help to facilitate the development of ‘clinical patterns’ as required for the reasoning process of pattern recognition, one of the hallmarks of the clinical expert. References are provided as a printable resource which discuss in depth other ways in which these and other cases might be used to help refine your clinical reasoning ability.

Lastly and most importantly, enjoy viewing the expert clinicians in action and afterwards as they recount their ‘journey’.

The expert clinicians include:
- Dr Toby Hall, PhD, FACP
- Emeritus Professor Gwendolen Jull, PhD, FACP
- Dr Mary Magarey, PhD, FACP
- Jenny McConnell, AM, FACP
- Professor Peter O'Sullivan, PhD, FACP
- Professor Bill Vicenzino, PhD