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Symposium: Finding the edge – optimising athletic performance

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Human athletic performance optimisation is a complex process that demands the integration of multiple disciplines to address a broad range of capabilities necessary for success. This includes medical practitioners, physiotherapists, sports psychologists, biomechanists, S&C staff, dieticians, coaches and obviously the athlete themselves. 

In this symposium, a range of discipline experts explore the many pertinent performance factors to further the understanding of the complexity of the role of the physiotherapist in this environment.

The program includes presentations from world leading sports and exercise practitioners, many who have held critical positions in multi-disciplinary high performance Commonwealth Games and Olympic teams.

Proudly presented by the Australian College of Physiotherapists and Physio Educators

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6.0 Hours



Adjunct Professor Craig Purdam, DSc, FACP
Dr Adam Castricum, MBBS, FACSEP, MSpMed
Dr Jill Leckey, Performance Nutritionist
Trish Wisbey-Roth, FACP 
Matt Lancaster, FACP 
Alison Low, FACP 
Jonah Oliver, Performance Psychologist
Keren Faulkner, FACP 
Dr Andrea Mosler, PhD, FACP 
Rod Whiteley, FACP 
Ryan Carroll, APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist 
Clare Walsh, MACP 

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