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Module 7 Adductor (+/-tendinopathy) and VMO

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Optimising Hip Series This series consist of 9 Modules of approx 30-40 minutes each, ideally paced as a practical tutorial for physiotherapists. There are also a number of resources and handouts that can be downloaded which are a valuable resource for you and your patients

Hip Module overview 

Module 1 Dysfunction Specific Exercise Therapy to Optimise Hip Function  (Free Preview)

Module 2 Dysfunctional patterns of Abdominals and adductors.  

Deep Hip stability activation progressions 

Module 3 Five stage retraining of deep stabilisers of the Hip: Iliacus, quad fem, glut med 

Exercises to decrease Hip muscle spasm 

Module 4 Part A - Anti gravity exercises 

Module 4 Part B - Functional, exercises, stretches & gluteal tendinosis​ 

Muscle specific graded exercise progressions 

Module 5 Gluteal tendinopathies for optimal hip function 

Module 6 (Preview) Optimise gluteal function for performance 

Module 7 Adductor (+/-tendinopathy) and VMO 

Module 8 Hamstring (+/-tendinopathy) and VMO 

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