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Pain Physiotherapy Level 1 - Part A

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  • Overview

Pain Physiotherapy Level 1 is a foundational course aimed at the best competency level an immediately graduated Physiotherapist might have achieved.  This course is also aimed at Physiotherapists who are developing their skills in pain management or those who have had little clinical exposure to patients with varied pain conditions.

This course is Part A for the virtual delivery option for the Pain Physiotherapy Level 1 course, consisting of four entirely online self-paced modules. You must complete all 4 modules in order to receive a certificate.


Two ways to complete the course: blended or virtual

Learners have two ways of undertaking Pain Physiotherapy Level 1:

  • Blended: online self-paced (Pre-requisite) and attending a face-to-face classroom course (Parts A & B) 
  • Wholly virtual: online self-paced (Pre-requisite & A) and live webinar (Part B)

Important note: if you have completed or wish to undertake the face-to-face classroom course, you are not required to complete Part A or Part B virtual.

Wholly virtual pre-requisites and progress: The prerequisite must be successfully completed before you progress to Part A.  Part A must be successfully completed before you progress to Part B.


Diagram: two ways to undertake APA Pain Physiotherapy Level 1



Tim Austin, FACP

Duncan Sanders, APA Pain Physiotherapist


Learning Outcomes

At the end of Pain Physiotherapy Level 1, you will be able to:

  • Describe the burden of chronic pain on both society and the individuals living with it
  • Demonstrate an understanding of important pain-related terminology
  • Apply a basic biopsychosocial framework for the assessment and management of pain
  • Use a biopsychosocial clinical reasoning approach as a case presentation methodology and as an educational treatment tool with patients
  • Recognise common pain related conditions
  • Consider the relative appropriateness of different forms of treatment approaches for pain related presentations (such as hands-on treatment and self-management skills)


CPD Hours

5 hours



  • Better Pain Management modules 1-3, Faculty of Pain Medicine, ANZCA (available through cpd4physios)


Image: Moritz Kindler, Unsplash.com