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(PhysioEducators) Musculoskeletal Masterclass Bundle (4 modules)

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This series consist of 4 Webcasts:

1. Alister Flett - Alistair Flett - A Multifactorial Headache Presentation

2. Rob Laird _ Lumbar spine

3. Jenny Hynes - Complex lumbo/pelvic/ hip pain presentation

4. Dr. Henry Wajswelner - Unusual stress fracture presentation

Presented by Jane Rooney




Alistair Flett, FACP

A Multifactorial Headache Presentation

The expert clinician deferentially diagnoses the presenting headache and explores the risk and contributing factors. A comprehensive management plan is discussed and treatment techniques demonstrated.


Rob Laird _ Lx spine


Rob Laird

Lumbar spine

The expert clinician examines a patient presenting with chronic lumbar spine pain and invesitigates the differential diagnosis and individual contributing factors. An evidence informed rehab and management plan is presented with specific exercises demonstrated using movement sensor technology.


Jenny Hynes FACP


Jenny Hynes FACP

Complex lumbo/pelvic/ hip pain presentation

The expert clinician examines the relationships and differential diagnosis of a patient presenting with lumbar spine and hip pain co-existing with anterior and posterior pelvic pain. An evidence informed rehab and management plan is discussed and specific exercises demonstrated.




Dr Henry Wajswelner FACP

Unusual stress fracture presentation

The expert clinician examines the loading history and physical risk factors for this unusual presentation.

A Rehab plan is discussed and demonstrated in detail and the patients prognosis explored in the post assessment interview.