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Vision development in paediatrics

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In this evening lecture we will be exploring the following questions:

  1. Visual development from birth: what is "within normal limits"?
  2. How to best assess for visual defects.
  3. What are common pathologies we might see as paediatric physiotherapists?
  4. Visual processing disorders: does this really exist and how do we manage these children?
  5. Helpful strategies to use when engaging with children.


Rosa Wright has more than 14 years experience in assessing the visual abilities of children from birth to 18 years of age. Rosa enjoys helping children reach their full visual potential by providing strategies on how to optimise visual function. She is also passionate about educating families and the wider community about what it means to be visually impaired. Rosa has a particular interest in neurological vision impairment.


CPD Hours: 1.5 hours

This lecture took place on 01/05/2019

Please note: The content of this Lecture on Demand (LOD) was captured via a recording of a live lecture at the APA premises. Due to the nature of the event and the recording method, this LOD may not have captured some of the questions/comments from live audience. Your purchase of this module indicates your acceptance of this. 

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