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Aquatic Physiotherapy Level 1 - Part A

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  • Overview

Aquatic Physiotherapy Level 1 is designed to provide participants with both foundation practical and theoretical knowledge on the clinical implications of the physiology of immersion, hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, rotational control and exercise in water. The course includes evidence-based practice, clinical reasoning and risk management in addition to practical sessions covering a variety of manual techniques and exercise programs and progressions.


This course is ideal for recent graduates, physiotherapists moving into this practice area or experienced physiotherapists wishing to undertake refresher CPD. The course is valuable in developing skills and knowledge to maximise water as an environment for physiotherapy and to provide safe, effective, and evidence-based treatment and plan progressions.


Aquatic Physiotherapy Level 1 is delivered through a blended learning model comprising three parts:

  • Part A is the first component of the Aquatic Physiotherapy Level 1 course and consists of eleven OnDemand, self-paced modules
  • Part B live virtual classroom is very interactive and will include lively discussions between learners and expert presenters, with the opportunity to ask questions along the way
  • Part C is practical face-to-face pool-based learning


Diagram: Undertaking Aquatic Physiotherapy Level 1


Learning Outcomes

On completion of Aquatic Physiotherapy Level 1 – Part A, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the main hydrostatic and hydrodynamic principles of water relevant to aquatic physiotherapy practice
  • Describe the effects of immersion on the body and determine the implications for the prescription of cardiovascular exercise
  • Outline evidence that supports aquatic physiotherapy practice for a range of conditions
  • Identify how use of the APA Guidelines for Physiotherapists Working in and/or Managing Hydrotherapy Pools document ensure safe practice in aquatic physiotherapy
  • Identify the principles of aquatic exercise selection and progression, treatment options, clinical reasoning and planning in practice
  • Identify how person-centred practice can be incorporated to in clinical situations


CPD Hours

5.0 hours



  • This course is designed and suitable for qualified physiotherapists.
  • Part A is the pre-requisite for Part B. Part B is the pre-requisite for Part C.


Important note: Part A must be successfully completed before you can progress to Part B. If you register for Part B, joining details for the live virtual session will not be available until Part A is completed. Part B must be successfully completed before you can progress to Part C.


Image: Haley Phelps, Unsplash