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Cycle byte 2: Exercise rehab to optimise gluteal activity in cycling


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The gluteal group of muscles are important in initiating cyclist pedal power through the top of the pedal cycle and initiates and transfers forces to the rest of the lower limb throughout the downstroke. A graded and progressed system to initially retrain tonic gluteal control, then build function and strength in cycle specific postures and demands will outlined.


Trish Wisbey-Roth is a Sydney based Clinical physiotherapist with both a Post graduate sports physiotherapy masters (AIS/UC) and Specialisation qualifications. She completed her Sports physiotherapy specialisation in 2009 (speciality lumbo-pelvic and hip conditions) and has been involved with Australian cycling and other sporting teams at the National, World Championship and Olympic level.

Trish’s experience in working with Cyclist’s to optimise their performance has reached to the elite level as Trish was Head Physiotherapist overseeing the Australian Women’s cycling team for 10 years. Trish also travelled extensively with the Australian Men’s, Women’s and Track cycling team to World Championships, Commonwealth Game s and Olympic Games. Through her private practice in Sydney, Trish continues to consult with recreation through to elite and international Cyclists to assess cycle specific strength/ flexibility and biomechanical adjustments to individual bike set up for optimal performance.