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Entire Mentoring Series #1-20 - BUS NG Members only

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  • Overview

This series allows Practice Owners to give access to the entire mentoring series to graduates new to their practice. The series includes:

  • Mentoring Series #1 - Lumbar Spine Assessments
  • Mentoring Series #2 - Cervical Spine Assessments & Treatments
  • Mentoring Series #3 - Shoulder Assessments & Treatments
  • Mentoring Series #4 - Knees Examination & Assessment
  • Mentoring Series #5 - Ankle Assessment & Treatment
  • Mentoring Series #6 - The Business of Physiotherapy
  • Mentoring Series #7 - Hip Assessment & Treatment
  • Mentoring Series #8 - Thoracic Spine Assessment & Treatment
  • Mentoring Series #9 - Sports Injuries & Onfield Management
  • Mentoring Series #10 - Clinical Reasoning
  • Mentoring Series #11 - Lumbar Spine Treatment
  • Mentoring Series #12 - Traumatic Knee & ACL Treatment
  • Mentoring Series #13 - Tendon Management & Pathology
  • Mentoring Series #14 - Adolescent Injuries & Management
  • Mentoring Series #15 - Pelvis-SIJ
  • Mentoring Series #16 - Neurodynamics
  • Mentoring Series #17 - Running Gait Analysis
  • Mentoring Series #18 - Treating Osteoarthritis & more chronic issues
  • Mentoring Series #19 - Exercise rehabilitation for shoulders
  • Mentoring Series #20 - The business of physiotherapy


Each module in the series can be completed in the graduates own time, and an individualised certificate can be printed, by the graduate, for each module that is completed.


Intended Audience

The purpose of these modules is  to provide a mentoring and up-skilling clinical presentation, targeted at new graduates or those new to clinical practice. It is aimed to support both the principal and the new graduate as they commence their career. These modules would be of great appeal to graduates who are seeking work in physiotherapy practice.



Each module is between 1 - 1.5 hours - with approximately 27 hours for the Entire Series


Please Note

The Graduate Mentoring series is funded by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. The contents of this program are intended to be used as a tool to assist members to provide opportunities for ongoing training and education for staff. The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) shall in no event accept any liability for loss or damage suffered by any person or body due to information provided on this site or linked sites. The APA has used all reasonable care and skill in compiling the content of this e-Resource but makes no warranty as to the accuracy of any information on this e-Resource and cannot accept liability for any errors or omissions. Neither the content provides nor the publisher accepts any legal responsibility of, nor makes any -warranty with respect to the information provided on this site


The handout notes in Module 7 are incomplete. The first 6 pages are missing. The handouts are just an additional resource and do not critically affect the quality or content of this module.