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Introduction to APA Practice Accelerator Series with Paul Wright (Free)

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Are you a Physiotherapist looking for innovative and exciting ways to grow and expand your health business?


Do you want to fast track your knowledge using the skills and experience of one of Australias leading health business experts?


Are you time poor and want the information delivered in a fast, effective and condensed manner?


If you answered YES to any or all of these questions then the “APA Practice Accelerator Series with Paul Wright – Ten Fast Action Strategies to Grow Your Practice NOW” is EXACTLY what you need.


In this TEN learning byte format – Physiotherapist and health business expert Paul Wright – has condensed over 20 years of health business ownership, marketing, consulting and lecturing content into TEN short action oriented sessions – tailor made for the busy health business owner.


At the end of each session Paul will outline a “Fast Action Task” based on the content of the session – which viewers will be able to put into their practices quickly and easily – to generate more clients, increase referrals and give the owner greater control of their health business.


Here is just some of what Paul will share in these TEN fast action strategy learning bytes:


-          Top 5 reasons health professionals run poor businesses and what to do about it

-          7 Steps to the new client process and how to rank you and your team on new client acquisition

-          The video you and your team MUST watch before you deliver your next treatment session.

-          How to stand out in the marketplace and why failing to follow this suggestion will leave make your business worthless to a potential buyer.

-          The single most important question you MUST ask yourself before marketing your health business.

-          The 3 best and most cost effective ways to generate new clients for your health business.

-          The exact system that allow you to oversee your health business from anywhere in the world in less than one minute

-          How to ensure all essential steps and processes are completed in your business every single time so you can spend more time at home, with the family and doing the things you most enjoy.

-          Why external marketing is the absolute last thing you do to grow your business yet so many owners make this mistake.

-          The 3 sides of the marketing triangle and how not understanding all sides can cost you a fortune in wasted time and money.

-          The single best method to create and score your marketing pieces, brochures and signs so you instantly know if your marketing program is on track and will be effective at generating new and repeat clients.

-          Paul’s biggest health business mistake and how knowing this can save you over $200k a year in lost revenue

-           How to measure and records admin team performance so each and every minute of your admin teams time is made up of productive and income producing work.

-          The 4 key scripts your admin team must use each and every day in your practice to reduce cancellations and fill your appointment book.

-          8  reason why you must be the highest priced therapist in your area and how your admin team is often undermining your business success

-          The 12 essential components of a successful and profitable health business website and why so many health business are costing them business.

-           Paul’s favourite ever health business website and how you can use the exact same concepts to grow your health business

-           Why most Google Adwords and Facebook adverts fail and how to dramatically increase your online advertising results.

-          Exactly what to say in a doctors meeting that fundamentally makes them refer to you over and above even more experienced providers.

-          The single best doctor referral system on the planet and how to use it to fill your practice with high quality referrals

-          The truth about cancellation fees and why chasing them is costing you thousands

-          The 2 most effective marketing lists on the planet that all health business owners MUST use.

-          The 5 most common recruitment mistakes made by health professionals

-          How to structure a great advert and how to retain team members in your health business

-          The top 10 mistakes and harsh business lessons made by Paul and other health business owners and how to not fall into the same traps in your business career.


This is just the Introduction to APA Practice Accelerator Series with Paul Wright, please refer to the next course for Ten Learning Bytes

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