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Mentoring Series #19 - Exercise rehabilitation for shoulders

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  • Overview

Shoulder recovery outcomes rely on shoulder joint stability and mobility - specific muscle exercises to achieve best results!

This module covers the fundamentals of:

  • Goals for exercise rehab
    • restore scapulo- thoracic rhythm
    • restore gleno-humeral muscle synergy
    • Functional retraining
      • joint laxity
      • impingement
      • post surgical
      • Global mechanics
      • Sport specific
      • Stretch shortening cycle
      • Exercise ideas
      • Practical demonstration


Pre – Requisite

The purpose of this module is to provide mentoring and up-skilling, targeted at new graduate or those new to clinical practice. It is aimed to support both the principle and the new graduate as they commence their career. This module would be of great appeal to graduates who are seeking work in physiotherapy practice.



Kim McDonald, APAM. Kim is the Principal at Cherrybrook Physiotherapy. After gaining her degree in Physio from Sydney University Kim extended her study with post graduate qualifications PGD AppSc (Ex & Sp Sc)PGD AppSc (Hand & Upper Limb). Kim has extensive clinical experience – 20+ years; having worked in a number of clinics in Sydney and with professional sporting teams Kim has wide knowledge which she readily shares with student and graduate Physios.



Approximately 1 hour


CPD hours