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Mobility & Gait retraining - what training principles should we be using in clinical practice?

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James is an experienced Neurological Physiotherapist with degrees in both Physiotherapy (UniSA) and Clinical Neuroscience (University College London). James has also completed a PhD in balance and gait at the University of New South Wales. James has gained extensive clinical experience in both neurological and vestibular rehabilitation including as Clinical Specialist in Neurology at St Georges Hospital, London in 2003-2005 and as Director of James McLoughlin NeuroPhysiotherapy from 2005-2016.


James has been involved in research into Balance and human movement at a number of institutions, including the Sobell Department of Motor Neuroscience and Movement Disorders, Institute of Neurology, Queen Square (London), Neuroscience Research Australia (Sydney), Flinders University and the Repatriation General Hospital (Adelaide). James is Director of Advanced Neuro Rehab, leading an exciting team of neurological physiotherapists neurophysiotherapy.com.au James is also part-time Associate Professor at Flinders University and leads the national program for the Neurological Physiotherapy masters degree, the only one of it’s type in Australia. James is a strong advocate for the important role of Neurological Physiotherapy in driving the best care possible for people with neurological and vestibular conditions.


James describes himself as 'a great scavenger of information' and is passionate about providing the best care and support for his patients, in addition to providing relevant neuroscientific and clinical education for health professionals, patients and carers. James has conducted over 30 professional development courses since 2009 and has been an invited speaker at 16 different local, national and international clinical and research conferences.



Associate Professor James McLoughlin    


Associate Professor James McLoughlin



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