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Musculoskeletal 2 - Yasmin Ahamed, Fiona Dobson & more

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The speakers originally formed part of the Musculoskeletal Concurrent Session 5 at the Australian Physiotherapy Association 'New Moves' Conference on Thursday 17th October 2013.

Yasmin Ahamed - Physiotherapist-delivered exercise and pain coping skills training is more effective than either intervention alone in knee osteoarthritis

Fiona Dobson - Recommended performance-based tests to assess physical function in people diagnosed with hip or knee osteoarthritis

Errol Lim- An Australian consensus statement: exercise for ankylosing spondylitis

Meaghan Arnold - Does the level of activity in an acute inpatient admission following surgical intervention of a fractured neck of femur vary across days of the week

Robin Haskins - Knee osteoarthritis pain and the weather

Susan Keays - Moving from anterior cruciate ligament deficiency to knee osteoarthritis. Which factors influence this development?


1 hour in total

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