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Understanding subsequent injury occurrence in sport to avoid the injury roundabout

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Subsequent injury occurrence is a universal problem for all sports, which can substantially impair both athlete and team performance. History of previous injury is one of the only consistent findings that has been determined to increase the risk of future injury. Despite this, there is limited understanding of what contributes to subsequent injury occurrence and there has been a poor understanding of the relationships that link a range of different injury types beyond just re-injury (future injury of exactly the same type). Recognising that a small proportion of athletes usually sustain the majority of the injuries within an athlete cohort is very important for the targeting of prevention resources, as reducing the number of subsequent injuries sustained by these athletes will have a large impact on the overall injury incidence for the whole athlete population.



Liam Toohey is a physiotherapist and clinical epidemiologist who currently works in the Athlete Availability Program at the AIS. Liam recently completed his PhD that investigated subsequent injury occurrence in sport to inform injury prevention strategies.



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