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QLD Chest Trauma Part 1: Rib Plating and the Statewide Trauma Network

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Prof Martin Wullschleger and Dr Bhavik Patel will discuss the principles of rib fixation within the chest wall injury reconstruction unit at GCUH, and how this unit incorporates strong clinical engagement, follow-up, and a research program.

Michelle Jeffress will discuss her role as a physiotherapist on the Statewide Trauma Network, including models of care, strategic planning, and how a physiotherapist can fit into a Statewide leadership position.


Prof Martin Wullschleger is the medical director of the trauma service at GCUH.

Michelle Jeffress is a Senior Physiotherapist of 14 years experience, with clinical expertise in trauma care, specialty surgical areas, intensive care, cardiothoracics and spinal cord injury. Michelle is currently appointed as the Queensland Statewide Trauma Coordinator.


Cardiorepsiratory National Group

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