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Supporting sexual wellbeing

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Part of wholistically caring for a client's wellbeing includes addressing any sexual challenges they may be facing as a result of their injury or illness. While historically this aspect has been overlooked in treatment plans for patients, it is often an essential part of a person's wellbeing impacting on self confidence and their intimate relationships. Furthermore, when sexual difficulty is the primary presentation (vaginismus, dyspareunia etc) the research shows that a multidisciplinary approach is optimal. This is because it is not always a matter of restoring physical function alone, but going beyond that to consider the context in which it functions. There can be many aspects that make it challenging for clients to take the next step even if their physical limitations are being addressed. It is for this reason that physiotherapists and sexologists need to be working together, sharing resources and aligning their approach to help clients towards a common goal of sexual wellbeing. Come along and find out more about what sexologists do, how to open up helpful conversations and the importance of trauma informed care.



Monica Cook is an accredited sexologist working in private practice in North Sydney. She holds a Masters of Sexual and Reproductive Health (Psychosexual Therapy) through the University of Sydney (MScMed(SRH) and has qualifications in both science communication (GDipScCommun) and science research PhB(Sc)(Hons) equipping her with the skills to translate the latest evidence-based information into practical concepts for her clients. She has also had many years of experience delivering sex and fertility education to a range of audiences and previously worked in Health Education at the Sydney Children's Hospital. Monica is passionate about providing honest, clear and current information to foster sexual and reproductive wellness for individuals and couples of all ages, including those from a multicultural or diverse faith background. Her approach is a holistic one that considers the physical, psychological and sociocultural dimensions on these topics providing a safe space for clients to explore their sexuality knowing their values will be respected and acknowledged. She gathers from a broad range of scientific disciplines, resources, strategies, approaches and techniques to provide sex counselling and education that is tailor-made and transformative. Her hope is that as people delve into this space they discover a new found freedom to curiously explore - moving away from preconceived ideas of what their sex life should look like, to having an opportunity to shape it into what they want it to be.


Karen Triggs is an accredited psycho-sexual therapist working in private practice in South West Sydney. She is also a registered full member of the Australian & New Zealand Creative Art Therapists Association, (ANZACATA) as well as a Level 4 member of the Australian Counselling Association, (ACA) and is currently working towards accreditation as an EMDR practitioner. She is also past president of the NSW Society of Australian Sexologists.She is compassionately driven to help people, especially those who find “sex” challenging because of pain or past sexual or cultural trauma. Karen describes her approach as eclectic and client focussed. She combines relationship counselling with trauma focussed therapies such as EMDR and somatic art therapy in her work with clients. She has lived experience of vaginismus and trauma and has a personal interest in this area of work.Karen is a member of the ACA College of supervisors and finds supporting other practitioners in this way very rewarding. Karen grew up in Zimbabwe during a civil war. She has also lived in South Africa and Botswana but emigrated to Australia in 2000.When not working Karen can be found creating in her art studio; listening to podcasts; going on camping adventures with her husband or spending time with her 4 grandchildren.



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