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Symposium: The athlete across the lifespan

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The Athlete Across the Lifespan Symposium is an advanced and accessible education opportunity for tilted / experienced physiotherapists.

Keynote speakers Dr David Spurrier and Professor Robin Daly present the physiological changes and tissue vulnerability of bone, muscle and tendon through normal developmental stages of the ageing process, from childhood to the ageing athlete.

Specialist Sports and Exercise Physiotherapists share complex cases highlighting diagnostic clinical patterns, etiology and research informed management of challenging athletic presentations across the lifespan.

Proudly presented by the Australian College of Physiotherapists and Physio Educators

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  • Dr David Spurrier, PhD, MACP
  • Dr Andrea Mosler, PhD, FACP
  • Dr Kevin Sims, PhD, FACP
  • Phil Cossens, FACP 
  • Dr Loretta O’Sullivan-Pippia, PhD, FACP 
  • Dave Battersby, FACP 
  • Professor Robin Daly, PhD, FASMF, FASBMR
  • Professor Peter Ebeling
  • Dr Sue White, MBBS (Hons), FACSEP, FASMF
  • Bronwen Lundy, BSc (Hons), MND, PhD candidate ACU
  • Dr Mary Magarey, PhD, FACP 
  • Keren Faulkner, FACP 
  • Kylie Turton, MACP
  • Scott Wilson, MACP
  • Tim Oostenbroek, MACP



Sports & Exercise, Musculoskeletal, Paediatric, Women’s Men’s Pelvic Health National Groups


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7 Hours