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Assessment and rehab of concussion beyond the playing field

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This module includes the following presentations:

  1. Effective clinical assessment and management of concussion in athletes

    Speaker: Aerin Di Leaver

  2. Assessment of the sensorimotor system in rugby union and rugby league players postconcussion: From elite players to schoolboys

    Speaker: Felix Leung

  3. Concussion in the active, mature “athlete”: Examination of novel clinical assessment tools for vision and vestibular to capture impairments and functional loss highlighting strategies for rehabilitation

    Speaker: Katrina Williams

  4. Concussion history and sensorimotor tests predict head/neck injuries in footballers

    Speaker: Julie Hides

  5. Prospective investigation of changes in the sensorimotor system following sportsrelated concussion

    Speaker: Julie Hides

  6. Automated pupillometry following concussion in national rugby league players: A useful assessment tool?

    Speaker: Daniel Brown


CPD Hours: 1 hour

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