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Disability models of care and the NDIS: From access to reviews and all in between

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This is a cobranded event hosted by the APA Neurological and Disability groups. It aims to provide an introduction and overview of working within NDIS.

This event is appropriate for physiotherapist’s that currently work with NDIS participants (NDIS service providers or health therapists) or are transitioning to NDIS working environment.

Presenters will be experienced Physiotherapists from neurological and disability backgrounds currently working in Victoria and NSW.

- Context of NDIS: fundamental purpose and business rules of the scheme
- Building awareness of evidence based disability frameworks and service delivery models: A paradigm shift from the ‘medical model’.
- How to determine ‘Reasonable and Necessary’.
- Interface between health and disability.
- How do we write for access requests
- How do we write recommendations for NDIS reports and what kind of recommendations should we be making?
- Working within and collaborating with inter-professional teams.
- Supporting appropriate housing and SDA (identifying needs and supporting evidence required).
- Quality and Safeguarding (Including awareness of restrictive practices).


Kate Phillips, Julienne Locke, Jessica Kuek, Emma Downey and Suzanne Currie


Neurology and Disability National Groups

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2 Hours


Please note: The content of this Lecture on Demand (LOD) was captured via a recording of a live lecture at the APA premises. Due to the nature of the event and the recording method, this LOD may not have captured some of the questions/comment