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  • Overview

This module includes the following presentations:

  1. Implementation of safe and sustainable community exercise programs for people after stroke

    Speaker: Marie-Louise Bird

  2. Active ingredients of virtual reality interventions for lower extremity function, balance, mobility, and gait in adults post-stroke

    Speaker: Belinda Lange

  3. What is current practice for upper limb rehabilitation in the acute hospital setting following stroke?

    Speaker: Ines Serrada

  4. Three days of monitoring is sufficient to accurately measure physical activity levels in stroke survivors: Evidence based guidelines

    Speaker: Louise Tinlin

  5. Biofeedback improves performance in lower limb activities more than usual therapy in people following stroke

    Speaker: Rosalyn Stanton

  6. Brain connectivity predicts capacity for motor learning and neuroplasticity in stroke: Avenues to improve neurorehabilitation practice

    Speaker: Brenton Hordacre

  7. Circuit class therapy improves walking ability and may reduce length of stay after stroke

    Speaker: Coralie English



CPD Hours: 1.25 hours